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Welcome to the Domaine des Maravilhas
Once upon a time there was wine estate, which had an amazing range of terroirs. These were grown biodynamically. That is how minerality, flavours and life came to characterize these wines in the appellations of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Lirac, Laudun and Côtes du Rhône.

Our values

Wine is sunlight, held together by water - Galileo Galilei

Our values

Respecting the Living

Our soil is naturally rich and lively. No herbicides, nor chemical fertilizers have ever have come close it. At the Domaine des Maravilhas we strongly believe that the quality and balance of the soil are essential for our wines to express the highest promise they hold, naturally.


The vines are exclusively and integrally grown biodynamically. They offer wines full of life and vitality, which are the natural expression of the soil and the work of the winemakers.

Legacy and creativity

Le Domaine des Maravilhas holds proudly its history and legacy, continuously seeking excellence and renewal. The energy to move ahead and seek reinvention is drawn, over and over again, is grounded in its deep roots.

Our ambition

To offer, share and bring out

To offer a compelling range of high quality wines, each authentic, expressive and distinctive in character…

To share the enthusiasm and commitment that define our work as winemakers…


To bring out the energy from the soil, the vines and the environment and pour it into your glasses.

Our ambition

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